Unfortunately, there were recalls on ground beef last week from a company that provides ground beef to Kroger, Albertsons, WinCo, and Walmart.


Due to the recent recalls we wanted to take a moment to remind our customers that we grind our own beef, in house, every day. We grind both sirloin and chuck directly from the primal that provides us with our awesome sirloin tip roast and chuck roasts. Also, these are choice grade primal cuts. This means that Tag’z ground beef is ground daily and from high quality choice grade cuts of beef.


Ground beef in grocery stores is usually from ungraded scraps and is ground by a 3rd party producer that grinds the meat, then packages it, and then ships it. There is significant time between the grinding process and the stores putting the product on the shelves. Due to the time lapse many producers and stores resort to dyes and fillers to make the beef appear fresh.


At Tag’z, What is not sold within 24 hours is placed in the freezer for our customers to purchase. Which means the grind in our freezer was frozen within 24 hours of being ground. There are no dyes or fillers added to our beef. I guarantee that is the freshest frozen grind you can get! Also keep in mind when grind is purchased from the freezer in 10 lb. (10 - 1lb pkgs.) increments there is 50¢/lb savings. The frozen grind is limited as we try to grind throughout the day depending on demand.


I have attached links to information on the recall and from the USDA information on graded beef.  ♥🐮