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Butcher Shop Services with Tagz Premier Meats

Tagz Premier Meats (aka Tagz 5 Star Meats), believes in providing products that ensure the health and safety of your family.  Freshness, quality, and additive free products are not only features; they are "our way" of doing business. 

Quality Products: 


Meat is shipped only from within the United States

  • Choice beef is the main selection and provides just enough marbling for the perfect taste

  • Grass-fed-only beef can be special ordered

  • All chicken is free range and all-natural from Springer Mountain Farms in Georgia

  • The seafood menu includes the ultimate farm-raised and wild selections, with specialties every season

  • All animals are humanely raised and processed

  • Your meat selection can be cut and prepared any way you like for a personal touch

  • Tag’z will special order any achievable meat selection not offered in the store