This place is the best both in meat quality and customer service! I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and I'm still recovering from the delivery and Its hard for me to get the baby in and out of the car. I called ahead and placed an order and they were so nice they ran it out to the car for me once I got there so I would have to get my baby out of the car. They are truly amazing people and im so glad to have this local butcher shop in our community!  

This was my 1st time here and they could obviously tell. They were super friendly and told me about all the different types of meat they have and all of the local products they carry. They were extremely helpful and super nice folks! They have some amazing deals on great quality meat and its grass fed too. 

I got their famous thick bacon and some ground grass fed beef. I am so excited to cook it! This place is fabulous and i love that it is a locally owned business. They take time to get to know you and they know their regulars by name and welcome them just as cheerfully as they welcomed us. 

If you want local items this is the place to go. From fresh milk and local eggs to meat to jars of fruit or spicy peppers, and local honey this is the place to go to. They even have a local fruit tea which was AMAZING!   

So glad I discovered this place.  Recently moved to the area and in need of a good butcher.  Great service and very clean inside.  Wide selection of meats and also Boars Head products for cold cuts! This will be a frequent spot for me when I'm feeling the need for some high quality meats.

Everyone who knows Tag'z doesn't need to read a review, they already know how amazing this place is. If you don't know about Tag'z and you live in the area and love good cuts of meat and extremely friendly folks then here's your wake up call.
Go to Tag'z. You're welcome

I was searching online for a good place to buy oysters. Since they're my boyfriends favorite and it was his birthday! Well, I came upon Tag'z and decided to give them a call to see if any were available. Sure enough, they were! I told them I'd come by on my lunch break to pick up a dozen on the half shell. They had it packaged up and waiting on me when I walked in the door. Super friendly and I can't wait to go back for more! I cooked the oysters on the grill with butter, garlic, and Parmesan. Turned out wonderful! Glad there is a place in town to get specially ordered seafood items.

We've never been the meat market type of couple, but when we moved here and found the quality of the meat from Kroger so low grade, we had to find a better source. Our neighbor told us about Tag'z. All I can say is O M G! This is life changing! We've been missing out all these years. I've never really loved beef until now. We've been buying their fillet and when you can cut it with a fork it's so tender.

In addition, we're needing fresh QUALITY seafood and Trisha at Tag'z was patient on answering questions as well as educating me on the process to get what we want. We're so thankful to have been introduced to Tag'z and look forward to a long lasting relationship!

The folks at Tagz are so helpful! I called the shop before Easter to order a tri-tip. I had a great conversation with the owner and he helped me figure out how many pounds of meat I would need for the number of people I was feeding. When I went to pick up my order a few days later it was ready and waiting! The prices are great for the excellent quality of meat they sell. I recently bought a trip-tip at Sam's Club and it didn't compare to the one I got at Tagz. This shop is a great place to get meat when you need to impress your guests!

"Thank You" to all our great customers for your kind words. See you soon!


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